Our Motto:

"Enriching young minds"

Our Vision

To be the leading producer of quality maestros who can efficiently respond to the duty of debate in the society by means of bridging the gap between professional and amateur states of mind in our targeted populace

Our Mission

RPDA seeks to create and bolster a coterie of critical thinkers who can respond to societal issues, address them and create awareness in the populous through the art of debate and public speaking. With an understanding that great minds think alike, we seek to cultivate a universal appreciation of the need not only to be an outstanding debating and public speaking academy but enrich minds that will be willing to observe our values of teamwork, Ubuntu , timely response and commitment.

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Background & Story

Release the guards and relinquish their shields you need to hear this properly the reign of success and greatness is found at the top of ambition and hard work. The Royalty Pact Debate Academy has managed to offer a facility that not only enables young minds to tackle societal issues but also gives them a platform to portray greatness, from being a mere academy to being a family that feeds of each other’s energy and craves to become greater each passing moment motivated by a favourite debate quote of our the founder Mr Maison Pieterson;
‘The most important tactic in debating next to being right is to leave an escape hatch for your opponent, so that they can gracefully swing over to your side without an embarrassing loss of face’
Without a single doubt his words have been taken heed of by the members of the academy in each and every debate they participate in with a sense of renewed passion for
their sport. Debate has become a lifelong passion or others and a stepping stone for many to get into adulthood ready to face any consequence given to them, tackling societal issues and by all chances molding leaders of new revolutions who do not take fear as an excuse for failure.
The Royalty Pact Academy not only gives members a platform to speak but it also trains the individuals on
correct speaking styles, how to frame arguments as well as to how tackle a certain role in the debate and this is a task that the coaches make sure they accomplish in order to have quality debaters and individuals who
can carry themselves and speak like proper ladies and gentlemen.
RPDA not only offers debate but also grooms public speakers and teaches them speech presentation, the art of confidence, facial expressions and gestures during
public speaking and this comes as great help. Under this academy’s wing you see that they also have adjudicators and coaches under training and this really helps a person to maximize on their talents because
they are given an environment where-by they can freely do that even with a little competition sometimes but in a friendly environment

The Academy Pledge

As a Royal Debate Maestro,
l pledge my loyalty to the calling of the academy,
to uphold and engrave in me a mind and heart that seeks to give back to the community and through the Spirit of Ubuntu,
I will always be willing to assist, learn and be an asset than a liability to the society
without any discrimination suggested by gender, race, language, or anything that demarcates human beings.